Health, Safety, Quality and Environment

SR Construction’s systems are accredited to international standards in WHS (45001), Environment (14001:2015) and Quality (9001:2015). We are also accredited in our client systems including the NSW Government WHS Management Systems and Auditing Guidelines 6th Edition, CM3 and BNG Conserve. Our HSQE system is integrated from management plans right down to risk assessments to ensure a comprehensive and complete approach is undertaken to covering all HSQE factors at sites and tasks.

Work Health Safety Management System

SR Construction primary focus is keeping everyone at job sites safe at all times, we are committed to target zero accidents and use every opportunity to improve on safety practices using a top down approach to safety management. Our safety strategy and procedures are embraced by employees and subcontractors alike where we support all workers on and offsite site in their training, knowledge, understanding and supervision. We use bespoke technology to ensure that all safety steps are followed from the smallest to biggest job equipping our management team with the tools for each project they undertake. SR Construction’s induction and training program is undertaken by all workers at our sites, the induction integrates all client requirements. We provide an extensive review of competency and compliance before we finalise onboarding.

Environment Management System

SR Construction believes in genuinely committing to environmental sustainability through sound life cycle management. Environmental considerations are integral to all contracts with our clients. We procure wisely considering product performance, quality, local production and material sourcing. We promote environmental innovation and have been the initiators on several environmental product changes over the years including lighting, water saving devices and low VOC paint. We also heavily support complexes and schemes in their environmental and social sustainability particularly through our common area programs. SR Construction adhere to Environmental Management Systems Guidelines (2015).

Quality Management Systems

SR Construction believe in providing best value in everything we do from an assigned job to a tender won. Our bespoke IT system ensures that we provide all quality requirements for each job including integrated job assignment to correct trades, real time compliance screening, quality audits and warranty prompts. We have a centralised procurement team committed to ensuring all products adhere to component schedules or agreed product lists and where possible we go over and beyond to ensure these products are also environmentally sound. Work teams are trained in their trade’s technical specifications and standards ensuring that they are very clear on the required quality steps for each product and process. Our bespoke system enables clients to monitor work orders completion, review that KPI’s are met, analyse maintenance history per property and generate reports across programs and time periods. SR Construction adhere to Quality Management Systems Guidelines (2019).