SR Construction is a leading multi-trade construction company with experience in the efficient and competitive delivery of construction and maintenance projects for the public and private housing sector. SR provides a range of building services including maintenance services to government and facilities management companies across the broader Sydney metropolitan area.

Founded by Managing Director Sam Eisho in 2003, SR Construction is the embodiment of Sam, who lives and breathes philanthropy. Sam is an active supporter of local communities, whether joining the CEO sleepout, donating to his children’s school, or employing underprivileged people. He says it makes him happy. “I feel good when I give. This is the big secret in life – treat others the way you wish to be treated.”

SR Construction operates with a unique value proposition of '4 Comps.'


Compassionate – SR engages disadvantaged people to provide services to institutional property holders


Compliant – Rest assured we have all legal obligations covered.


Competent – Demonstrated history of project delivery


Competitive – We deliver a full range of services across a variety of trades at competitive prices.

We manage our workload through our high speed, easy to use and highly accessible work system – STREAM. Having been a maintenance service provider to community housing providers since 2003, we are highly attuned to our clients’ regulatory needs and have geared our reporting capability on Stream to aid their reporting requirements.

Stream streamlines work progress and monitors work status. Our bespoke online system is accessed by our direct employees, subcontractors, inspectors and clients. Stream provides our clients access to real-time information, documentation and records of historical maintenance activity.


SR Constructions culture is based around promoting its core values.


Our business is founded on the basis of honesty and compassion

  • We value opportunities to help those less fortunate
  • We are accountable and transparent in our business relationships, maintaining valuable and longstanding relationships
  • We care for the safety and wellbeing of all
  • We treat everyone with respect

We believe we achieve more when we work together

  • We share knowledge and resources
  • We learn from each other
  • We respect and share our client’s objectives

We embrace change and challenges

  • We are adaptable, flexible and resilient
  • We are passionate about what we do, and we are not afraid to take a chance
  • We are proactive and initiate results.

We believe that outcome driven innovation increases the probability of success

  • We are solution-based thinkers, developing innovative processes to help us achieve outstanding results
  • We believe that shared knowledge inspires ideas
  • We are both analytical and forward thinking. We use past experiences to drive efficiency and best practice outcomes.